About Us

Our Mission

To bring hearts and hands together enabling the strengthening of individuals and communities throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. 

Our Purpose

To ensure the continued success of mankind through cause fundraising, mentoring our youth, supporting changing needs of individuals and communities, and providing networking opportunities for individuals and businesses via collaborative events. 

Our Twelve Guiding Principles 

- Be Respectful 

- Be Humble

- Be Honest

- Be Generous With Time and Money

- Be True to Your Word

- Be Open-Minded and Not Judgmental

- Be Cordial and Agree to Disagree

- Be Forgiving

- Be Aware of What You May Not Know

- Be Helpful to Your Neighbor

- Be True to Yourself

- Be Selfless

How It Began

As a life-long fund raiser and volunteer, I had an emptiness after resigning from a twelve year commitment to the West Allis Charities, Inc. Doing so was extremely difficult, yet it was necessary to further my education and career ambitions. I knew I would always go back to my charitable aspirations, yet I was unsure in what capacity or the direction it would take me.

I was very close to my Grandmother. She was a strong, straightforward, loving, and incredibly giving woman. She taught all of her children and grandchildren part of being a Christian is to give of yourself whenever possible. She did not believe in "paying it forward," because there is no promise of a tomorrow. To give is not to expect anything in return, yet to find value in something as small as a smile or the squeeze of a hand saying thank you.

2012 was one of the toughest years I believe I have faced in my life. We (my family and friends) lost many loved ones (young and old) through accidents, suicide, and natural causes. "I'll do it tomorrow," was no longer an option. I needed to "do it" today. 

12/12/12 was chosen as Nuts About Giving's established date. The Christian meaning behind the number twelve was significant in relation to my upbringing and values my parents and grandparents instilled in me from little on. It was out of respect for them the date was selected. In addition, I wanted to leave a positive and lasting legacy for my children and their children to be involved in and proud to be a part of.

Many individuals may be bypassed or do not know how to reach out for assistance. A ray of hope is sometimes all people need. I have invested my sweat equity and personal funds into the start up. I sincerely hope you will find significance in what I am (we are) trying to accomplish through Nuts About Giving.

Please volunteer your time or provide a gift-in-kind contribution, so we can continue being a positive support system for individuals and communities throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. 

God bless and have an empowering day.

Yours truly,

TJ Meyers-Jansky, Founder